Drawn to Death

The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency

Drawn to Death is a multiplayer third-person brawler/shooter for the PlayStation 4. The game takes place inside the pages of a notebook filled with crudely drawn sketches. I joined the development team while the game was being prototyped. I implemented networked gameplay using C# scripts in the Unity game engine. My responsibilities included integrating Sony's Scream audio engine and using it to script the game's sound effects, voice overs, and music; Unity UI for the game HUD, options menus, the in-game store, and game lobby; and Sony libraries to support the game's PS4 trophy system.

Drawn to Death


Virtual Prophecy Entertainment

"Mishap the Accidental Haunting" and "Mishap 2: the Intentional Haunting" are action-packed casual hidden object games where the player helps famous ghost hunter Milton Hobblepop capture ghosts. Mini games follow each level of hunting down items in beautiful rendered environments. The games are developed in the Torque game engine. I joined the team after the success of the first title to help port the game from PC to iPad. I was able to greatly reduce the game's texture memory by writing a texture atlas tool in Python to combine small images. For Mishap 2, I implemented Torque scripts for game effects, the riddle scenes, and the "Hair-raiser" makeover mini-game.

Mishap 2 on Steam

Scurvy the Seaweed Slinger

Full Sail University - Final Project

Scurvy the Seaweed Slinger is an endearing tale about an optimistic crab who lives in the middle of a trash heap deep under the sea. Scurvy the Seaweed Slinger is a 2.5-D, side-scrolling platformer that asks the player to help Scurvy escape by swinging on fish hooks and manipulating the environment with seaweed. I worked as the Technology Lead on this project with a team of seven programmers. The game engine was created from scratch using C++ and DirectX. My responsibilities included the collision engine, the camera system, game-play mechanics, and inverse kinematic animations for character grappling and swinging.

The game is now a part of the traveling museum exhibit, MathAlive, which teaches children about how math is used in many real world applications live video games and extreme sports.


Full Sail Blog

MotoCast 2.0

Motorola Mobility

MotoCast is an application for Motorola smartphones that allows users to stream media from their desktop computers to their device. While at Motorola, I worked with the UX team to develop Android user interfaces in Java, including the music player and video player.


Nook Color Magazine Reader

Human Engines

Before the Human Engines startup was acquired by Motorola Mobility, I had the opportunity to work on a project with Barnes and Noble for their Nook Color tablet. We improved the magazine reading experience by optimizing rendering and adding shader-based, animated page-turns to the reader application. My work mainly included working on a carousel for quickly advancing pages.

Social Touch

Human Engines

Social Touch is an Android application developed for Lenovo tablets. It allows the user to view their calendar, social media feeds, and email all in one convenient timeline. My responsibilities on this project included the creation of a homescreen widget for displaying the timeline, as well as location-based notifications based on calendar events' addresses.


Academic Project

Malfunction is a hectic battle between two players trying to destroy each other's mech robot. The catch: the robots have broken down, and the only way to control them is by dropping commands onto a conveyer belt. This was a solo project developed in C++ over one month, which won best in class for game design.


Rubik's Cube Solver

Academic Project

This is a Rubik's Cube solver that I wrote for an Artificial Intelligence class at Full Sail. It's written in C++ and utilizes the A* search algorithm.


Candy Crash

Global Game Jam 2014 - Group Entry

A platformer about a king who loves candy, developed in 48 hours with Unity. For this project, I worked on a tile loader to quickly create levels and load them into Unity through XML.

Candy Crash

Escape from Pleasure Resort

Ludum Dare 21 - Solo Entry

A platformer created in 48 hours in Flash for the Ludum Dare Game Jam competition, using the FlashPunk engine.

Ludum Dare

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